Awen's releases are sketches for instrumental metal tracks arranged on computer.

This music was written by me over a number of years.. Some tracks were finished before 1996, many started before then, and some had finishing touches added after 1996 (mainly mastering). I've dated them at 1996 because they were complete by that stage, though not available. Although I was playing in a band at druing this time (Darkage) I arranged these on computer more as an experiment and lesson in arrangement and composition.

I wrote them using an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 using some of the excellent software that was available on that platform at that time.  Mostly I used Octamed Sound Studio. Some remastering was done on PC. Bear in mind that the samples used were 8bit samples, and  available from the public domain, or sampled by myself. 8bit was the limit of the audio hardware on Amiga at that time. The entire mods were then rendered to 16bit samples in Octamed running under WinUAE for remastering on PC.

All the pieces are instrumental, and have no lyrics or vocals written for them. Let the titles and the music itself paint a picture for you.

The third album, Drumadoir is unfinished, with many tracks still needing remastering. This album is made up of, as the title suggests, all  percussion pieces. There are about 20 more to come. This third album will complete a trilogy.

I've decided to release them for all to listen to and enjoy, if they can.

I wrote them for my own enjoyment, and never expected money as a reward.

Enjoy, may it take you through the veils into the otherworld.

Awen, 2004,


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